Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 35

hellllllo family!!!

i'm glad to hear that still my family is alive and kicking! this week passed by really fast, i dont really know why, but it did! we are running out of investigators which is a problem... right now we are having a difficult time meeting new people, so we are working alot with members less active. we already reactivated one (ribamar)! he has gone to church the last two months now and has a calling, i gave him a tie to remember me :) he is so fun to talk to, i attached a picture of him. some exciting news is that i will make 8 months in the mission tomorrow and my birthday is sunday!! crazy crazy crazy... also, this week i will start doing divisions with other elders in their area to help them with their work and to make sure they are working! 

me and ribamar

me and elder bastos in our hammocks :)

monday- we ate lunch at a less active members house (narcélio). we have already worked with him for 3 months and never have been able to get him to church again. BUT, this sunday he went! he finally went and loved  it! he was so happy to be there with us :) we went to the chapel to play ping-pong with some of the youth who are approaching the age of elders! we are helping encourage them to go on a mission. rosángela resurrected and will start working again in irmã alzira´s house! we also discovered she has a boy friend....

tuesday-i gave a training this week on the training that i recieved in teresina. i made my mashed potatoes that my mom sent me, and they were oh so delicious:) i gave ribamar a tie and also bought a box of chocolates for irmã dorinha! she is pretty much my mother away from home, she is always giving me food - it was her birthday so i decided to do something for her!

the bird that pooped on my shirt, again....
me and a little kid on my buddies motorcycle :)

wednesday-today was interesting... we never taught an official lesson throughout the entire day, but we helped alot of people. we helped a member family clear some doubts about the church, hung out with a less active youth, and we went to visit bruno (recent convert) with some friends of the church. also, a bird pooped on my shirt...

thursday-we entered charles´ house! this was a very big moment! we have never been able to enter his house because of his parents, but we did it! we also planned a family night (for tomorrow) some members and investigators who have non member boyfriends/spouses. we will teach about family! we also had fish for lunch. it was the first time i have had fish here on the mission. i learned two things very quickly: i am very thankful for boneless fish in the US and fish has no flavor here or was prepared poorly, but it was fun!

charles (investigator), mateus (member), me, and Bruno (less active)
somebody had a hamster! its been a long time since i've held a hamster...

friday-we were able to find emanuel home after a while and he told us AGAIN that he wanted to stay with the JW´s, but we talked once again :) we talked about the importance of reading and praying about the book of mormon and he wanted us to come back again the next day.

saturday-we passed by narcélio to encourage him to go to church and he actually went this time! he was so happy to be there (i attached a photo of him and his son). we taught emanuel and he wanted to go to church with us but something came up and he had to travel with his mom. 

sunday-charles and narcélio went to church! at night we passed by the houses of the people who didnt go to church and also scored some ice cream at the house of a member  

me and elder albuquerque with narcélio and his son
oreos and peanut butter! thanks for the peanut butter mom!

thanks for all the love and support and stay tuned to hear about the following week! i will try to pass as many exciting experiences as i can so i can send them to you :) 
-Elder Lambert

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