Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 31

e ai família!!

i dont even remember how many weeks i'm at, but i made 7 months this week! time is flying by sooo fast. its crazy. i also found out that my buddy jeff returned from brasil this last week too!!! it will feel like 3 weeks and i will arrive there too. i'm glad to hear that everything worked out with nat and all that exciting stuff that has been going on. the portuguese is really going! i can pretty much say whatever i want to say now. some people still have problems understanding me, but that wont change much :) in the apartment we speak mostly port. but at times english. my companion knows a few words and phrases in english that he will say every once in a while, its really funny to hear him speak english. seminary here is at night tues-fri. they get one extra day off... going to seminary again makes me want to do it all over again. i wish i had paid attention a little more..... some other random things about brasil: when i get home i will have a very very strong desire to buy a motorcycle and put a huge sound system in my car. all the people who have come here to brasil will understand. rosángela and  charles are still ready to be baptized, but wont accept for some reason. still we are trying to figure out their needs. bruno still is going to church and loving it! here in brasil, almost the whole ward are members, but inactive. the other ward got a report that they have 500 something members, but only 18% are going to church still.... i think bruno will stay, he was a good baptism. also, we met some good people this week that i am excited to work with!

monday-we visited rosángela in her house this time and she loved it. she got really excited to see us. we got to talk to her daughter also because she was there.

tuesday-i bought a DVD to transfer all my photos to and send home! BUT i got a bad computer that wont recognize my camera, so my family will have to wait one more week for me to send the disc. we went to somebodies house to dedicate it because lots of weird stuff has been happening there. he and his family have been seeing spirits and all sorts of things (also, this is normal here). rosángela oficially knows the church/book of mormon are true, but for some reason doesnt have a desire. she understands very well the influence it would have on her and the blessings she would recieve, but she has no desire. i dont know how... we brought Lucas to seminary and he really liked it, but sadly we havent been able to contact him during the week. i dont really know what happened to him... some of the youth from our ward went to go visit bruno. i was really excited when i found out, but he wasnt home :(

wednesday-today was a bit rougher. we had lunch and found out that a woman in our ward fell off her motorcycle, so we went there to give her a blessing. all of our plans failed and we were walking around trying to find something to do and we found someone really cool. we will stop by her house this week. i also almost got hit by a motorycle because i fell asleep while walking in the road. ALSO, i found a tarantula! it was super ugly and i kicked it and it crawled into somebody´s house... oops.

thursday-we made a small journey to a neighborhood on the other side of the world and made it this time! it was super super hot and i was just day dreaming about water the whole time. again, all of our plans failed, but it was still really fun to go there. we were on a mission to find someone to give us water, but nobody was in the street. there was also a plot of land that had a big sign posted that said ``VENDE-SE ESTA MERDA.´´ for the people who speak portuguese, they will understand, but in english it said ``SELLING THIS CRAP.´´ we contacted a reference with a member and it went well. he is a youth named fellipe. he had a really cool dream of him being baptized with his family, maybe it was a revelation! we taught the law of chastity to charles and it was a little difficult for him to accept, but he understood really well and i think he will change.

friday-we played a really funny joke on elder black, again, and he bought it. i think this is the third time that we have played a joke that he is being transfered because of an emergency. everytime the joke is getting better and better so he is still believing it. this time was midnight and he started packing his bags and everything. it was pretty funny :) he loves us alot. 

saturday-i made 7 months! we met a youth (emanuel) whose parents were sealed in the temple and separated and fell away from the church. he knew very little about the church but recieved us very well. his mom wasnt there, but i hope that through him we can reactivate her. he is looking for the right religion and has been accepting the JW´s for a while. he went to church with us and loved it. our ward gave us more food again which was awesome! i really really like the members in this ward, they love us so much too :)

sunday-one of the members brought emanuel to church and he really liked it. he agreed with everything and he knows alot of doctine stuff. he will go to seminary tuesday and we will plan another visit with him then. also we have a less active woman who is returning to church and she brought her non-member husband. he loved it alot and im really excited to work with him. maybe we will be able to complete the family and baptize him! sadly, rosángela and charles didnt go :( BUT a guy who we are helping with an alcohol problem still has not had a drink in 3 weeks! also this was his third sunday in a row going :) at night, we had some meetings and after we met a really cool girl named lucilene. she really liked our message and she was really interested. we will return tomorrow to talk to her. she said that she wants to go to church.

alot of this fell through this week, but we are teaching alot with members and helping alot of less active people. i have a feeling that this week will be a very very good week for us :) the church is true and the mission is great :) congratulations for the return of jeff and matt, and good luck for the people leaving!

com amor,
Elder Lambert

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