Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 29

Area: sobral      Companion: elder Albuquerque

so this week was just a normal, typical week in the mission, which means it had some random adventures!! some important things is that my address switched! right now if you want to send me a letter (and you should want to) send it to:

Missão Brasil Teresina A/C Elder Derek Romney Lambert

they will accept letters to the old address for only a little while, so it is important that you switch! so if my dearest mother and sister could change it on the blog and church program it would be fantastic. also, tell some people too :) also, it seems like everyone keeps moving houses, especially family, so you might lose some cards! i sent some to family, but they are always moving houses. i sure hope that nothing was lost! it seems like everyone is doing well, i hope it stays this way!!!

monday- we went to subway which was awesome, but also my money is disappearing... when we got home we built card towers to see who could built it the highest! i was kinda sick all throughout the day, so that was a bummer :(

tuesday- lunch this day was the craziest thing ever. i think this was the most dangerous moment of my mission which is pretty sad because it was lunch in the house of members. they have this child (6 years old) who was having some temper problems and he kept leaving the table and throwing food and other things, ripping stuff apart, and all sorts of stuff. he left for a while and came back frowning like crazy, grabbed a knife from the table, yelled TOMA (translates to TAKE THIS), and threw the knife with all his might at his dad. luckily it hit a plate and not his dad and also that it didnt bounce off and kill somebody. my heart stopped for a couple seconds. it was pretty crazy...during the night we played a really funny joke on elder G. Silva. i wish i had recorded it, but sadly i didnt.

pudding and jello!!! thanks mom!

wednesday- we taught rosángela and she accepted a baptismal date for the 25th! she is so great and i really hope that everything will work out. we brought Bruno to seminary again and he really liked it. he has never done anything religious before, but he really likes our messages and learning about the Bible. he is starting to progress alot!

thursday-we spent alot of time looking for new families to teach. the focus is really big with families right now. sadly, this just resulted in us walking around for alot of time finding nobody. nobody here lives as a couple, everyone is separated. we brought bruno to seminary and he liked it yet again. it was really funny because secretly, the night before he studied the chapters that they would read, so he knew all the answers :) he is a funny guy. im really starting to believe that he will be baptized the 18th! Charles regonized an answer from god that what we have been saying to him is all true. it was so relieving, but still he is having a difficulty adjusting to the differences between our church and the catholic church. we will try to get him ready for the 18th!

friday- we tried to make the journey to a really far away neighborhood to contact a couple of references, but halfway there something very bad happened to me. it was one of those experiences where you have to use the bathroom right then. To make it worse, we were in the middle of nowhere... we turned around and started walking really fast back to the house about three different times. then we passed a members house and he had served a mission so i knew he would understand :) i used the bathroom there which was quite an experience... their toilet didnt have water in it which was kind of gross, but i got everything fixed. it was very close to being a very very bad situation. On a lighter note, Rosángela agreed to live the word of wisdom and stop drinking coffee!! also, a church member gave me a watch :)

a dog named peach loves to press against my legs and leave tons and tons of hair

i started making lots of hamburgers with lots of grilled peppers, onions, and black pepper. it is very delicious :)
saturday- we worked during the morning which was way awesome. the guys we contacted were really funny. they are music teachers and they played some music for us. one played the recorder and one played the guitar. we finished all the lessons with bruno and he agreed to live all the standards of the church! we set up an interview for him to be baptized monday!

sunday-we didnt have to bring anyone to church which was really nice. we had some members inactive come back that we worked with through the week which was really good! we will continue working with them to help them stay. Bruno came also, but charles and rosángela didnt still. i dont know what happened with rosángela... during church i scored a pen for almost being a father! it was fathers day here in brasil, was it in the US too? also the primary sang some songs that were super duper cute in portuguese for the dads. i also had a very strange dream during the night that i was home again. it was really wierd and super real. i was so confused when i woke up in brasil..

i love you all and i hope all is well. i am praying for everyone in my 134 prayers a day! i would love some addresses to mail cards, so send me your address, or better yet send me a card! 
-Elder Lambert

a little friend who snuck in our house..

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