Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week 28

minha amada família e meus amados amigos!

area: Sobral      Companion: Elder Albuquerque!

so i think the pictures will work to send this week!! woooohooo! BUT i have so so many that i downsized them so i can send more and send them faster. i hope it will work. this week was a pretty darn good week. it is getting hotter and hotter every day and i am suffering more than slightly, but hey, more blessings for me :) its not too humid so im getting really dried up, i will come back home looking like a raisin (black and wrinkely). also, we received letters!!! i also recieved a package from my dear parents which was like the coolest thing ever. it included a pepper grinder, pudding, jello, koolaid, a mitt romney poster, washington state flag, and some other goodies. everyone loved it, especially me. my companion received 11 cards because it is his birthday soon, he got really happy also. to respond to some questions... the people here are both blacks and brasilias, and some random people who look white... what i eat normally: in the house, lots and lots of hamburgers and ramen and oranges. i have developed a deep love for oranges. in members houses: soda, rice, beans, noodles, and some kind of meat :) the tie that i burned was from jobe, so it isnt that important. the silk ties are starting to fall apart. where it has stitching, the holes have swollen so they are coming undone. 

monday-we didnt end up teaching any lessons after p-day, but we developed a new game plan and charles (good investigator) called for us to visit the next day. also, a bird pooped on my head :)

6 months pizza
 6 months cake
burning my tie

tuesday- today i felt really happy which was awesome :) we also had our first distrct meeting of the new transfer and we met some of the new guys. i like all of them and i think we have a really powerful zone right now. we taught another really good investigator (Bruno) and he said he believes the book of mormon is true. he hasnt prayed yet but just from reading and the fact that we are very far from our houses to tell people - this touched his heart. he accepted a baptismal date for the 18th and his mom gave us juice and cookies! i hope that this baptism will work out because it has been a while since my last and i want elder albuquerque to get one. 

wednesday- lunch fell through for the last three days, so it has been a couple days of ramen :) we taught charles and it was way good. he asked alot of really good questions. he really likes the lessons, but also has a strong desire to KNOW for himself that the things we are teaching are true. he has alot of faith, so i hope he will recieve the answer he is awaiting! we also had a family night in the house of a family that has 1 year as members. we taught the plan of salvation and how families can be forever through the ordinances of the temple. they really loved it and are preparing. it was such a fun lesson and i really really love working with the families of the church.

1 counselor of the mission president (president Barros)
Family Night
Sunset in Sobral
PINK Ties!!! (thanks anne!)

thursday-we watched the restoration with rosanglea and she really liked it. she is also reading the liahona alot and loves it. she agrees with all the teachings and stuff. we brought bruno to seminary and he seemed to like it too, i hope that he will integrate with the members. he has a difficulty of talking to lots of people. and the most important thing, we will receive letters tomorrow because the zone leaders went to teresina!

friday-i went to a training with the zone leaders and it was really good. it was all about families and how we can serve the families of the church and outside the church. i received letters from my family, tanner pax, and kember! its so fun getting letters :) also my mother and father mailed me a wonderous package! we watched the restoration with charles and it cleared up some questions, but still he is seeking an answer. he accepted a date for the 18th if he feels ready then.

saturday- we stayed really busy today which was nice because it means less time in the sun. we contacted a boy who is less active and he is really cool. he knows charles and we will help him prepare to baptize him. we prepared for our fast and i dont think i have ever eaten so much.. i ate four hamburgers, ramen, and some oranges :) it was delicious!

sunday-church was really great. we had 4 really important investigators come to church, and some guy from another area brought his extended family who arent members (15 people). the chapel had alot of people this day :) the testimonies were really good for our investigators to hear.

monday- we went and played ping pong with the boys of the church which was way fun. after this, i will cut my hair and we will go to subway again :)

i love you all and i hope you are all in good health!! i will keep you in my prayers :)
 com amor
-Elder Lambert

the stuff in the package i recieved :)
ping pong!

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