Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 32

hello my family!

this week was a very interesting week and i will explain why. we will also find out about transfers today!!! this should be very interesting! it sounds again like the president is a little slow so we might find out tomorrow... i'm dying to know! i love transfers :) also, i met someone named Pedro Lima (in the other ward) and he said that he served with Brian Briggs! that was kind of fun and interesting! his name on the mission was elder lima. 

monday-we went to teach bruno and his mom ended up giving us a bunch of food, so that was really good :) pretty much thats all that happened!

tuesday-we woke up and discovered that elder G Silva was being transfered to teresina to be the secretary of finances! he packed up fast and had to leave. he was transfered a week early because the secretaries have to receive a week of training with the old secretary. because he left, it meant that we got to stay in a trio! it was really fun actually working with elder black, but the problem was that we had to switch areas and lunches everyday and it just got really confusing. our numbers were pretty low this week because our area only got worked three days! seminary had lots of people which was good; charles, lucas, and fellipe went. after we taught a quick lesson with charles, but sadly he stopped progressing :(

wednesday-we worked in elder blacks area and we walked a ton! everything was falling through and his investigators live really far apart. the lessons that we did get to teach were good though! we were able to mark a baptismal date with a guy who has already recieved 22 sets of missionaries! it wa amazing that everyone has their time and after 22 companionships the spirit touched his heart and he accepted!

thursday-we worked elder blacks area again today. we went to a super rich doctors house and he bought pizza and coke for us! it is super amazing if somebody buys a pizza for you because they are R$25. its ridiculously expensive...  i also made a fantastic dinner with sausage, hamburger, onions, peppers, and many other things. i am becoming quite inventive :) ALSO, i recieved a call from elder iverson!! it was sooo cool! he finished his misison and was visiting some places with his dad here in brasil. he passed sobral and used the LZ´s phone! i was so happy to talk to him and he was so happy to be returning home :)

friday-we worked in my area and some of our plans fell, but it was still an alright day. at night, our ward had a BBQ and invited us :) the food was amazing!

saturday-we waited to recieve a call from someone in our ward to do a service project in his house, but sadly he never called. the guy in elder blacks area passed the baptismal interview and will be baptized the next saturday! sadly, our meal before the fast was really little :( something very crazy happened at night. we were teaching a family and watching the video of the restoration and someone in the street started shooting at somebody. there were a bunch of gunshots and a guy passed the house with a handgun in his hand. it was really interesting because the family was just locked in watching the video. they loved it and the spirit was way strong with them. 

sunday-only 2 investigators came to church. we had meetings all throughout the night and i taught a lesson to the young women on how to conduct music. it was really funny and interesting. its a hard thing to explain in portuguese...  as we were leaving the church, a big soccer game had ended and people were going nuts. a bunch of police chased down someone and later they were looking for something close to the church. they ended up finding a handgun outside the gates of the church! this was another interesting thing...

monday-we are just waiting to hear about transfers! i hope we will find out soon!

i love you all, and i hope the week was splendid for everyone! if you dont have anything to do, write me a card for my birthday! :) i keep all my friends and family in my prayers!

-Elder Lambert

my district + Bruno (a young man in the ward)

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