Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 30

ola meus amados amigos e minha família!

area: Sobral    Companion: elder albuquerque

so this week was interesting. our numbers for the week were numbers that you could get in one day if you worked hard. BUT, i am not discouraged because we baptized! i will talk more about this later. tune in to the day saturday to hear more. but all the lessons, though few, were very very good. this was a very exciting week with lots and lots of adventures. and my mother asked about the address of the mission changing. the new address and the old address go to the same place, but they dont want us using the other address for letters, just to mail stuff to the secretaries (baptismal forms, receipts, etc.) so they will still accept stuff for a while, but its best to change :) next week i will make 7 months in the mission!!!! it is so crazy to hear that my friends are starting to return, and still some of my friends are leaving....

our day without power
zone conferece!!

monday- this day had some bad news. elder albuquerque found out his dog died with 12 years and it was really hard for him. i was so sad for him. luckily he is better now and we are back to working hard :) also, our power got cut at 4 PM and everything turned off. we were really confused and called the power company and they said that we never paid the bill. we checked with the secretaries and they said that they paid. we called the company again and they realized they duplicated our bills... we stayed 24 hours without power and it was probably the worst night of my life. i never realized how valuable a fan is here. i was sweating the whole night and was getting attacked by bugs. usually the fan blows them away or sucks them up and kills them. i only slept from 4:30-5:30 then woke up again. it was horrible because i was super tired, but couldnt sleep. during the day, bruno passed his interview to be baptized saturday!!

photos- baptism of bruno!! he isnt smiling, but he loved it.

 tuesday- we have been passing by a recent convert who has had big problems with alcohol everyday and still he is good! he is trying so hard and loves the progress that he is making. he is so happy that we stop by and it makes me so happy also. we taught Charles and finally discovered the question/doubt that he had that has been bothering him. he didnt really understand the whole part about joseph smith. we will plan really well to better inform him. also, we started planning the baptism of bruno and i think that it will work out really well!

wednesday-we cleaned the WHOLE house. seriously everything. it took the whole morning but it is super clean. we cleaned every tile, wall, shelf, shoe, dish. we passed by bruno and he is really excited for his baptism. also, we passed by charles and explained about joseph smith a little better. we just need to clear his questions little by little.

elder albuquerque´s birthday!

thursday- we had a zone conferece! it was way good and very fun to see every body :) the zone leaders and the president gave some really good training and the practices were fun. this night, we brought bruno to seminary, but left him alone in the class with the other people. a school payed to practice soccer at the church, so we went out to talk to the kids. we met some really cool kids that we will visit in their houses. we met a kid named lucas that i am really excited to teach. we gave him a book of mormon and he is way excited to read it. also, the girls did a very good job of taking care of bruno - they talked to him alot and made sure he felt included. 

friday-we had a great lesson with rosángela. she feels that the book of mormon is true and that the church is true also. we just need to work a little more with her because she knows these things, but she wont act with her knowledge... we taught lucas and it was way way good. he loved our message and was asking if he can go to seminary and all sorts of things. i think he will be baptized in not too much time. we also went to the baptism of a girl with 8 years and it was super cool. we brought 2 investigators to watch also.

BBQ with the master :)

saturday- saturday was a perfect day! we made a small journey with some girls in the ward to visit a friend of theirs. it was way good and her mom asked TONS of really funny questions. we will definitely schedule alot more time for the next lesson. we were almost late to the church to meet Bruno for his baptism. the baptism was super super good. there were lots of people/youth there and he loved it. the program worked out really well that we put together. it was also elder albuquerque´s birthday so we returned after and ate a huge maracujá cake :) it was so so good and really fun. he turned 19. 

 BBQ and trying to lift huge cement weights...

sunday-another perfect day! we went to get lucas to bring him to church, but he was sleeping and said he would meet us there. always this means they wont go, but he showed up! he loved it so so much, he is so cool. bruno went also and was confirmed and received the holy ghost. also, charles went, but after he told a friend that he didnt want to be baptized anymore, so we will have to figure that out... rosángela didnt go :( there was also a meeting for the birthday of president monson that was super good. there was alot of music that was fun to hear in english. they sang the song ´lillies of the field´ and it made me think of mom. also, a family invited us to eat dinner at their house. it was really good and they love us so much :) we have such an awesome ward! ALSO, during church, a member who is running for a political position was giving out propaganda in the church... it was a very stupid thing to do and he got in big trouble...

monday-we went to a big BBQ at somebodies house that was super tasty. i ate sooo much meat and drank soo much coke. it was perfect - this ward is seriously the best!

thanks for all the love and support. i love you all so very much and keep you in my thoughts and prayers!
-Elder Lambert

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