Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 27

Bom Dia família e amigos!

Area:  Sobral still      companion: elder albuquerque still

so nothing happened with transfers in my house, but we got a new zone
leader, a district leader changed, and some missionaries in an area.
seriously, the computer i am using is the worst computer ever. i hope
that i will be able to type more than 5 sentences before the time runs
out. AND it wont let me attach pictures.... i have TONS from this
week!! this week was full of fun activities and random things. also,
it was the hottest i have been in my life. this week was seriously
difficult because i couldnt think, work, breathe,  or anything
really.... also, i forgot my journal so i hope i remember what
happened this week.

monday-we went to subway which was awesome! it was oh so tasty and
wonderful to have in my mouth again.  i dont
remember else what happened so i dont have much to report.

tuesday- there was a really fun party tuesday! its called quadrillhia
and had food, skits, dancing, music, and lots of people. it was a
really cool cultural thing and it was fun to hang out with the
members there.

wednesday-i made 6 months in the mission. its crazy how fast time
flies... during the day, i did another division with elder black. he
loved it again and it was a very funny day. we met some strange ,
interesting people that were very fun to teach, but, i  dont think we
will ever return. at night, we bought a pizza to celebrate the 6
months and we ate cake and pizza. it was way fun :) i also burned a
tie to celebrate. it was already falling apart and was held together
with staples, so it wasnt much of a loss.

thursday-we had kind of a mini family night which was really fun and
depois (wow, a portuguese word!)  *after* we went to the church to
play ping pong with some investigators. it was really fun and funny.
we also taught a friend of lots of members and it was really good; he
grew up going to activities all the time but has never gone to church
on sunday. we taught the restoration and he liked it and accepted a
date of baptism if he recieves an answer about the book of mormon. he
is excited and really wants to recieve an answer. with some people,
you just have to invite. he almost grew up in the church, but was
never invited to be baptized so he never thought about it.

friday- at night we had a big BBQ at the house of a member. it
was really fun because there was lots of food and lots of people. we
had 5 investigators there and they all really liked it! i ate some
really good meat and alot of rice :)

saturday- nothing much happened this day. it was another day of alot
of walking in the sun. every day is getting hotter and hotter...

sunday-we went to bring our investigators to church and again nothing
happened :( two days before, a man told us to come get him because he
really wants to go to our church. we went all the way to his house and
he told us that he didnt want to go anymore. we had one couple there
that some members brought and the whole sunday was about geneology. it
was really interesting, but im not sure what the investigators thought
about temple work and baptisms for the dead...

monday-today we will just kind of relax and gain some energy. i was
seriously tired during this week and i need to rest a bit more. the
sun steals all my energy.
this week was a bit tough, so i hope this
week will improve!
thanks for all the love and support!!
-Elder Lambert

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