Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 23: God Bless America!

 hello friends and family!
area: sobral     companion: elder albuquerque

this week was pretty good. still we are in need of more people because we were left with 0 investigators. this area has not had a baptism in 4 months, so the ward is really ready to have some work done! i was a little sick this week which never makes things easier, but hey, its life  :) i am so happy to hear mother and father that the youth conference went well! you guys put alot of work into it, so im glad it all worked out just splendid. im so jealous that a bunch of people will be coming over for the 4th of july! i want to come too....  BUT for sure i will wear my american flag tie :) it has been very hard to save it. thats so crazy hearing about nats farewell! i feel like it was yesterday that i gave mine. she will do so great and i am so excited for her to enter the CTM. which day is her report day again? if she has any questions, hurry and send them! some advice that i have is leave some extra space in the suitcases, they will fill up with random stuff while you are out and about. it is also crazy that the boat went in the water. i lost all track of seasons here because it is always summer plus another 20 degrees... im glad to hear that mel and dave moved successfully! they will have to send me some pictures :) i will attach some photos of our house. its becoming more normal to talk in portuguese. i dont have to think first (ok, talk in portuguese now) it just kinda happens. and as im sending this email, the words in portuguese are coming into my mind. i will try to record a video this week of my testimony or me and my companion speaking portuguese or something! somethin real nice :) 

monday-so monday was my 5 month mark which was crazy beyond belief.... we went and played basketball which was maybe the funniest thing i have ever seen. i dont think brazilians or argentinos have handled basketballs before :) they would just kind of run around with it, bouncing it every once in a while, spinning in circles, and huck it as the hoop. it was really fun meeting up with the others   and talking. my ´grandpa´was there and we talked for a while. i came home and made jiffy pop. the brasileiros thought it was the coolest thing ever. america must seem like such a strange place to them. 

tuesday-we had district meeting with the zone leaders. and the best part of my day was a free haircut! we needed haircuts because the following day we had a meeting with the president and it happened to be that where we ate lunch, the people cut hair! they wouldnt take money,  so we will do something special for them. we brought one kid to seminary, aldeir, and he really opened up to us as we were walking him home. he said he has some problems in his family and that he wants our help. 

wednesday-we had a reunion with the president! it was both really cool but really sad. it was our last time seeing him :( as of the 29th at 6:00 pm, we now work under president siedschlag, pronounced zitchlog. we watched a slideshow of all the missionaries in the field and his family sang some songs. it was way cool. later at night we met a woman named valdiana. she is really cool and really liked our message, i hope she will continue on the path she is on!

thursday- today we worked in the neighbor hood that is far away and in the middle of nowhere.... we had little/no success there :( we taught aldeir and his mom about family and how important a family in the gospel is. they really liked our message, but she is still wanting a divorce. we will continue helping this family!!! i also felt like i should pass by someones house on the way home, so we did. as we got there we were talking to the guy asking if we could help him with anything and he said he wants us to help him quit smoking. he told us that he was just on the way out the door to go buy more smokes when we showed up! it was pretty darn cool and we will try very hard to help him to. we arent really baptizing right now, but we are helping alot of people!

friday-we worked again in the far away neighborhood again with little success, but we were able to help an inactive member; she has a strong desire to return to the church. we will help her with that too. we are just little helpers here in brasil. its the coolest thing ever :) EVERYONE SHOULD SERVE A MISSION!!!

saturday- soooo this day was a little rough. i woke up with a cold and also with a very upset stomach. our lunch was super far away, so i started out a little nervous. while at their house, their kid wanted to show me some stuff on the computer, which was actually really cool. we looked up our house on google earth! it was cool seeing grass again. and with these things all day, i was also fasting. fasting while sick is not the easiest thing ever. AND some others didnt fast and were eating cake and soda which made it really hard for me, but hey, I'll get blessings :) 

sunday- church was way good, but only one investigator came... but i was able to break my fast with a delicious lunch. we had lots of meetings and study time so we were only able to teach one lesson, i was kind of frustrated. i think i need to learn more patience. time is out!

i love you all!!!!!! can you send pictures of dad on his mission? i want to see what he looked like :) thanks for everything!!!!

-Elder Lambert

a normal meal here in brasil, BIG :)

making jiffy-pop

our chapel

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