Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 25

friends and family!

Area: Sobral    Companion: Elder Albuquerque

so for some reason the computer wont let me attach photos... its a bummer because i have LOTS to send! this week was pretty great. its so nuts to think that my sister will leave for BRASIL TOMORROW!!!! ahhh i am so excited for her and she will be such a great missionary. i hope i can fit everything in this email...

monday-another pday of relaxation that was very needed :) afterwards it was great because we had a family night in the house of an inactive family. they really loved us and we planned another fmaily night for the next week (today). they thought of lots of friends that they could invite, so i am excited to see how it turns out!! 

tuesday-so during our district meeting we heard some weird noises outside... we went to look and there was fire outside next to some of the houses! people burn garbage all the time here, but this one got a little out of control... there was smoke everywhere and the fire people had to put it out. we also had a big activity at the church of another ward. it was a stake activity and we brought an investigator there and he liked it alot. he already knew some people which is really good! we also got some references from members - these are always good!

wednesday-this day we worked really hard and were practically running between lessons, but we ended up teaching 10 lessons which is really good! we are still working with some investigatores who are having some problems. its really hard because they want to change, but they wont go to church!! this is the best thing that they can do, but they never go :( 

thursday- we had lunch at the house of the oldest couple in the world i think. they are super cute and the man is blind so his wife leads him around everywhere. every sunday they make the slow journey walking to church, its the coolest thing ever. lunch was really good until i realized that we were eating fried chicken feet. it tasted normal until i noticed, but after, every bite was an adventure. also in the street after, three boys stopped us and asked about our church, they were very interested and they recieved us very well! we planned to show them the church the following day and play soccer with the other boys in the ward, we taught a less active member who went to church again the last sunday. he loved it and said that he will never leave again. he also gave us some references of friends and family that he wants us to help. he is really great, but sadly he didnt appear at church this week... we contacted a reference that we received tuesday and it was really good! it is a married couple that have 7 children all married also! this is pretty much impossible to find here in brasil. they loved us and said that they will go to church for sure, but sadly, they didnt either... 

friday- FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO PAI!!!! i would love to wish my dad a wonderful birthday this latest friday. i ate a cake in memory of his special day. but, we also noticed that it was friday the 13th and EVERYTHING went wrong here... lunch was a disaster, i cant even describe in words the situation, it was just super super akward. no worries, nothing bad happened, it was just one of those experiences... we brought the boys to the church to play soccer, but the leader of the young men canceled without telling us... our investigator was smoking when we arrived,. and we barely taught anything... but, happy birthday dad :)

saturday- we talked about Christmas this morning which was super weird. it was really weird to think about leaving the house at christmas and it will be the hottest part of the year, i dont know if i will be able to deal with this fact... it will play some serious tricks with my mind. lunch was good because the lady that fed us brought a friend that really liked us and we will start teaching her. she will be at the family night tonight. we taught the law of chastity to one of our investigators which was really funny actually. it was way different than any time before... he was telling us that it is impossible to live this law and that people in the church must take some sort of medicine to help us keep it. the way he was saying things was super funny. also, we met another man who was really interested in us as missionaries and our church. we started teaching about family and he explained to us that he used to be the owner of the gang here in sobral, but he is changing his life. he was way cool and i think we can really help him. its definitely something not many people have done. we also contacted another member reference that was way good. he has already read the book of mormon and has a testimony of it. he was going to church 6 years ago but stopped and was never baptized. we will help him reach that point. 

sunday- we only got one person to come to church :( but i love church so much! it was super great.  

monday-so i am sending this a bit later than usual because we had quite the adventure today! we went to a place called the delta. its a mountain where you can see all of sobral, which isnt much. we went there in a tiny van packed with people which was way fun because we were going up steep, windy roads. after, we hiked a bit and got to a point were we could see everything! it was so cool! we stayed there a while and hiked back down. this was the interesting part. its easy to get a ride up there  but back is another story. we ended up riding in the truck bed of some random person. it was a tiny truck and we had 7 poeple :) we asked if he was drunk and he said no, so everything was good. he went super fast around all the curves and it was way fun and intense. now, i will finish and head for a family night!!! 

i love you all and keep you in my thoughts and prayers. the church is true!!!

-Elder lambert

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