Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 26

area:sobral     Companion: elder albuquerque

this week was very very good. we had interviews with the new president and he really told us what he wants us to do, and we applied it! the pictures again are not working, but i hope i can figure something out!!! keep me updated on all the stories that are going on (and you know which stories i mean). also, today we will find out about transfers!!!! i have no idea what will happen... i think i will stay here, but stay tuned for next weeks email!

monday-i already told most of the stories about monday, but not about the night! we were pretty much running all of p-day because we were so time crunched and we had a fmaily  night at 6:30. i planned the lesson and activity in about 3 minutes, but it worked out great! we had less active families there, active families, the family of the bishop, kids with friends. it was perfect :) they all really liked the lesson and the activity. SUCCESS!!! AND, we got a bit of cake to bring home :)

tuesday- we taught like crazy today which was awesome. we taught 8 lessons with a member, and 2 others. we taught with a really funny guy from our ward. he is about a meter tall, has a big beard, and long hair. he wanted to leave with us, so what the heck! why not:?! also, the guy who used to be the leader of a gang gave me a hug, it was a cool experience :) 

wednesday- we had interviews with the president, and they were super slow. ours was scheduled for 11:30, but we started at 4:00. he spent alot of time with all the elders. then when my turn came, my interview was only 10 minutes, it was kinda strange, but whatever :) i really liked talking to him and i really like his vision. he emphasized ALOT on only teaching families unless we are inspired to contact someone else. its really wierd because i came in and was trained hard in the mission to baptize anyone who wanted, but now its all about baptizing who will stay in the church. its really good, but its hard to adapt. the visions are very different, but i like they new one more. i am still adapting a little. 

the fire outside our house

the activity from last week

thursday-morning time was a little rough. i was still really confused about what i should do and how i should teach and i had a really bad headache. it made me feel really sorry for the people who have even more time in the mission than me, our world was turned upside down with the new president. we taught the gangmember the importance of marriage, and he loved it. he wants us to talk to his wife to help persuade her :) also, we taught márcio the restoration  and he said everything made perfect sense. when we got to the part about the book of mormon, we challenged him to read and he said no. it was really surprising and we asked why and he responded that he has fear of the answer. i was kinda sad, but its actually good. he has faith that he recieves an answer, and he knows its true! if the answer is no, he wouldnt have to be afriad of anything. he traveled so still we have to follow up with him. i hope he read and prayed! we met a family in the street that we contacted that appears pretty good. we shall see, we shall see...

the view from above
the funny bus that we rode to get there

friday-today we made a division with our district leader. i stayed in my area with him. we contacted a member less active/recent convert and he was really happy that we stopped by. we gave him some force to go to church, and he went!! he love, love, loved it. everyone was so happy to see him again, and he was happy to. he is the only member of the church in his family. i asked him if we could come back to teach the rest of his family, and he got excited. we also contacted a member reference with the irmã and it was good. they have already been taught alot, and nothing happened so im not quite sure what will come of it! there was a youth conference fireside at our chapel at night and it was super super good. 2 members of the 70 were there and it was really fun to listen to them and do something a little different.

backstreet boys
i almost died....

saturday-we made another division and today i worked with elder black in his area. i was a little nervous because it was me and an american with only 6 weeks, but it was SO fun! it was the best division ever. we were just talking to everyone and everyone loved us. two missionaries who are americans with red hair and are taller than everyone. everything worked out great and we never had any problems. i was really happy because he told me that it was the best day in his mission, and also it was a confidence booster to know that i can work with a new american and still get along! who knows what will happen with the new transfers! only 4 people are coming in, so i dont think i will train a new guy. im guessing my house will stay the same and i will continue training elder albuquerque until his 12 weeks are finished.

my name tag and the city of sobral (literally sobral has nothing around it)

sunday-we went to get our investigators to bring them to church, and sadly nothing happened again.... this is the hardest thing in the world!!! church is so early, so people dont want to go. BUT, they need to go to be baptized! but, church was great. the recent convert/less active guy went that i talked about earlier and loved it. we went to a family´s house with irmão edson an it was way good. i think the family liked him, and it helps them because they already have a friend in the church. i REALLY think this family will go next week. for sure there will be many prayers said about them. after we went to irmã alzira and met some more less active people who we will bring to activities during the week! she also invited us to come over today (monday) to eat shrimp :)

all of us crammed in the tiny truck bed
the crew

monday-today we will clean our house, and wait for the phone call of transfers!!!! also....... WE WILL GO TO SUBWAY FOR LUNCH!!!! we discovered a subway, and we will go there to celebrate another transfer in the mission :) also, i will make 6 months on the 25th! im so excited and i still cannot believe that i already have completed 1/4 of my mission. it goes by so fast! i will probably burn a tie or something to celebrate... ill keep you updated in next weeks email! 

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