Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 22: 5 Months

Ola família e amigos,

Area: Sobral     Companion: Edler Albuquerque

this week I'm not sure what to type, but i will try to remember all the funny/exciting/sad things that happened. all the days were very similar and i didnt have time to write in my journal much. things are still great as always!!! my portuguese is getting better and better (i hope). i have to speak portuguese all day pretty much and its been working out fine! sometimes without thinking I'll randomly lean over to my companion and say something in english without realizing it. i am thinking more in portuguese also which is way good. i made 5 months in the mission!! it was super exciting and it has gone by soo fast. seriously,,, also, tell nat to tell hi to MacKenzie for me, and tell her to send me an email! I'm also sending something for you in the mail... i hope it arrives there quick, it might need some repairs, but i thought of dad when i saw it so i bought it :)

to answer your questions mother:
 i never got any malaria pills, but they give us medicine for worms! and its really really really REALLY gross.  training does make me a "dad!" so elder albuquerque is my child! and i am about to go play basketball with my "grandpa" (elder gardner). i havent had to speak in church yet (outside of testimonies) but i think i might this sunday. i cant remember... for pictures i just hook my camera up to the computer with the cable and attach the photos. it has worked out for me just great! have nat bring some extra chips too just in case she needs them. also some other random things. if you are preparing for a mission, read chapter 10 (the red one) in preach my gospel as many times as you can. everything there is SO important to know and you will use it every day. also, i unwound my book and laminated the covers because they start to tear, so maybe do that while its new. also, if you ever send a package again, a jump rope would be a great thing to have :) i think its in my college stuff.

monday- was just a nice day of relaxing and cleaning and getting everything organized finally. we had been working hard so it was a very needed day. we taught alot of lessons in the very short amount of time to teach, so that was good! i think i mentioned Caio, he lives in front of our house, wants to get baptized and we set a date for the following sunday, but his mom said that its too soon. he lives with his grandma, but when he told his mom that he wants to get baptized she wasnt too happy. i hope we can baptize him soon though because he has learned alot and he is definitely ready. he really wants it and his grandmother also. 

tuesday- we had our first district meeting here in sobral which was fun. our district is just us four missionaries living in our house, so it was small and we could just stay there! its fun explaining all the things to the new guys. 

wednesday- i dont really remember what happened this day, but this is when things started getting really hard. starting this day our appointments fell through all day everyday. we would walk forever from house to house trying to make contacts on the way but nobody is outside of their houses! its alot different here than São Luís. i started getting way sad because I'm the trainer so i felt like i was doing something wrong. every night i started doing something. i would write one miracle (milagre) that happened throughout the day. it made me more happy because i would think of that one good thing and it would make the day worth it. every day i have been able to think of something! i have also been making french toast or pancakes in the morning which just makes everything better :) 

thursday & friday- see the above, this day was the same thing :)

saturday- we had a slight accident in the mission with one of the missionaries. i cant tell who it was, but they were missing their family too much and during the night he went and called his family. the president called in the morning because he knew something happened (here you have to buy little things you put in the phone to call other areas, and the president recieves a message if the chip is removed and replaced with another) and he called for us. luckily nothing too bad happened, but it was scary for everything and we are still recovering a bit. 

sunday-we had church today which was great! church is always so great because its something different, we can learn, relax, and its CHURCH! elder albuquerque spoke and it was way good. we had 4 investigators go to church . at night we met some boys out riding their bikes that we will bring to soccer on friday. i hope we can teach their families!!! and i have been seriously massacred by bugs everynight and have red bumps all over my body. at night i remembered i had a bug net! i set it up and its probably the coolest/funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. it worked great until i woke up and there were bugs on the inside! i must have done somthing wrong... i killed them all and it was kind of gross because i would flick them and blood would spray everywhere. i could tell they were busy during the night. 

monday- growing up, i have never liked mondays, but now it is a glorious day. it was another very needed day of rest. we bought groceries and ate lunch at a little self serve restaurant. we are about to go play basketball with other missionaries too! i have some photos of some things, but i forgot the cable :( next week!

this week was beyond difficult, but it was still oh so great!! we will have interviews with president dias wednesday which i am super excited for. I'm sad too though because it will be the last time i will see him! our new president will arrive! even in the hardest days i can still find joy in the mission. I'm so excited for nat to join me soon!! we can send letters for only 56 centavos :)

i love you all and keep you all in my prayers!! and good work doing the ragnar mom!

-Elder Lambert

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