Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 20

hello friends and family!

Area: São Luís Companion: Elder Rais

So i went the whole week without getting sick! also this week i have a lot of pictures from stuff that went on, so this email will come in multiple parts. tonight we will find out about transfers! so this may be my last night in são luís and maybe my last night with elder rais also. we have had great success in this area and are both excited and scared for what will come! we are having 15 new missionaries enter so there will be a lot of new trainers. some say that they think i will be a trainer which is really scary, but i think i would learn a ton. i am totally fine with anything whether its staying or going or whether its trainer or junior. I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord :)

Monday- so we found out about a bunch of stuff that made us really excited (?) to serve in our area. this day, a boy was shot and killed in our area, a bus worker was shot and killed, there was a stabbing on the street we work on, and our investigators brother was stabbed! i know that missionaries are protected though, so i'm not too worried.

the first picture is me at our house. try and find the huge iguana in the tree!

the second photo is of the pancake family night!

tuesday- i went on a division with another missionary in my house (elder morris) and it was way fun. we worked in his area which was cool to explore around. while looking for a new persons house, we discovered a neighborhood suspended over sewage! it was the coolest thing ever! houses and a wooden plank walk-way were suspended about 10 ft above the ground on posts that people stuck in there. it was super wobbly but really cool to walk around on. i really wanted to take a picture, but its not a place i wanted to bring my camera...

wednesday-me and elder rais worked all day in a different neighborhoods. we have enough investigators there to do full days now! we set 2 baptismal dates with men which is really good. we also went over the baptismal interview questions with our old man investigator (Ribamar) and it was maybe one of the must interesting things ever... we will have to work alot with him because he participated in both an abortion and a gay relationship when he was younger. i hope he is willing to go through the repentance process.

the first picture here is of my recommend to see the dedication of the manaus temple!

the second is a picture demostrating how we kill large masses of ants (cologne and matches)

thursday- we got some referalls from the bishop so we walked to his house to get them and to contact them with him! it was really fun teaching with him and we gained 4 new investigators! elder rais and i also bought something called Cevada (coffee substitute) for a family we are teaching. they want to get baptized (i wrote about them last week) and they are working on stopping drinking coffee. they are doing great and they said that they loved it! we bought them one more bag later in the week. also the dad has already stopped smoking and drinking. its so cool how this gospel really can change peoples lives. i also reacieved 2 packages from my family! whooo!!!! they were full of goodies and it was so fun getting them. also, on the way home, we passed two guys outside a bar and overheard one talking to the other and he told him to go get the handgun. we werent really sure why they needed it, but we walked very very fast the rest of the way home :)

friday- we brought a 20 minute proselyting version of the restoration and watched that for all our lessons today. it was so cool to watch it and it made our investigators understand the story of joseph smith better. we organized an American Pancake Family Night with maple syrup at one of the members homes and it was super fun! we had our recent converts go and they loved it. we had a lesson about the Book of Mormon and had a game, then i made pancakes with maple syrup. nobody here has ever had pancakes before or maple syrup (because they dont sell it here) so everyone thought they were the coolest thing ever. thanks mom for sending the syrup :) alot of kids would thank you!

these two pictures are of the baptism we had this sunday! the littlest one was baptized and the older ones were baptized 3 weeks ago.

saturday- we started another fast because of the temple dedication the following day. it was super super hot which made it a little difficult, but i love fasting :)

sunday- we got to see the dedication of the manaus temple! it was so cool and really cool that they have another temple here in brasil. its the 138th finished temple! it was so pretty and it was fun hearing it in português :) it was fun after the prayer doing the Hosannah shout and yelling ´´Hosannah, Hosannah, Hosannah, ao Deus e o Cordeiro!´´ Also, later at night we had the baptism of Rodrigo! it was perfect and finally worked out :) i got to baptize him and his mom wants to be baptized too! she has never made an effort to go to church so she hasnt been able to be baptized, but after seeing his baptism she told us that she will change her work schedule so that she can come on sundays! it was such a cool experience and she really opened up to us. we celebrated that night and ate garlic mashed potatoes (thanks mom!) and drank a bunch of soda. it was a great night!

monday- i recieved an email from someone named Cliff who will be serving in this mission too and he commented to me that he likes reading my blog. that made me feel great. haha shout out to you cliff! i'm super anxious to see what will happen with transfers! we are buying a pizza to celebrate our last night together. i'll let you know what happens next week :)

the work of the lord is continuing on and i am continuing to grow and mature every day! i love this work and am so happy to be here. also... when the zone leaders brought mail back to us, someone stole one of the boxes while they were on the bus. so hopefully i am not missing anything, but if i never reply to something because i didnt get it, sorry!

-Elder Lambert

the first picture is me on someones motorcycle

the second picture is me and elder rais celebrating :)

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