Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 19

hello friends and family!
So this was another week full of great things, and things not so great! to answer some questions... i took a bus to the hospital, i havent slept in my hammock much yet because all the hooks in this house are close together so it hangs really low, but i do sit in it whenever i have free time (which is not much). we still have the same people in our house (me, two americans, and 1 brasileiro), but transfers are coming up, so things might change! we havent gotten mail for a while, so i am hoping to get alot of stuff :) speaking of mail, i am horrible at responding  because honestly i have 0 time, but whenever i do have time, i try to do as much as i can! the milk is kinda wierd here, and cereal is too expensive, so i never buy it. the milk doesnt have to be refridgerated until you open it, but then it only lasts two days after you do. i drink lots and lots of milk so I'm guessing my bones are nice and happy.  the family who was set to be baptized the 17th didnt go to church yet, so we will have to bump their date back a while. One really cool thing is that a temple in manaus will be dedicated this next sunday and we get to watch it on TV! they wont have a normal church service because everyone will watch this. i am super super excited!
monday-i went the night without throwing up which was such a blessing. it was nice to relax during p-day. during our couple hours of work at the end of the day i started to feel really sick again...

tuesday- soooooo i threw up again :) BUT it was the last!!! i taught the aula (class) at district meeting and the assistants were there! they made a surprise visit to check our houses and came to our meeting. it was kinda scary having them there, but it was pretty good and fun. the real bummer was that we had lunch at the house of the member who makes the BEST food ever, but i couldnt eat because i felt really sick! someone at lunch mentioned John Wayne and it reminded me of the crazy grandma in While You Were Sleeping, saying "John Wayne was tall!!"  after lunch, sister dias said that i needed to stay home and rest. as much as i hate missing a day of work, it felt so good to rest and recover a bit. she also resitricted me to a diet of only tonic water (which is disgusting). so that was breakfast lunch and dinner for 3 days!

wednesday- so the snake in our area (karol) tried to kiss me this night. i ran. really fast. she came out of her house when she saw us coming and told us she wanted to tell us something and she pulled a move. then i fled. we also took a guys cigarette from him while he was smoking it and threw it away! that was kind of exciting. we taught a way cool family too! in the middle of our lesson the dad randomly asked us, why do you think you have to baptism of christ? we answered how we need to follow christ being baptized in water, by proper authority, and having a knowledge to decide to be baptized. we used lots of good examples in the Bibile, and after, he said, "i get it now! i want to be baptized. i want my whole family to be baptized!" it was so cool! we marked them for the 24th.

thursday- today we found a really cool inactive woman who wants to come back to the church. we met with her and she is way cool! she committed to going to church and we will try and help her with alot of things because she is really in need of help.

friday- today i learned a special lesson. being an american after the US lost to Brasil 4-1 in soccer is not  fun. everyone will tell you about it. also, some really funny kid told me that i look like captain america and he calls me that now whenever he sees me. i dont know quite how he got that idea... but heck, im totally fine with it!

saturday- at lunch we had this soup stuff that had cow inards in it! it was very interesting tasting! some one was telling us that our neighborhood we work in is really dangerous and i was joking around with them saying that if we get robbed, the only thing they will find is Christ and the true church. i thought i was pretty funny, the other guy didnt think the same :) then we found out that someone got stabbed really bad later this night. it happened at a corner that we pass fifteen times a day. maybe it is a little dangerous... ALSO, some crazy lady started pleading with me to take her to the US. its all she would talk about and i asked her if she knew english and she asked me to marry her (in english). i was pretty impressed, but pretty creeped out too. apparently it was the only thing she knew because she wouldnt say anything else.

sunday-we went to go bring all of our investigatores to church, but sadly nobody came with us this week. the inactive lady and her 8 year old daughter went though! it was so good to see them there and she looked soooo happy to be back. for lunch we went to somebody's house for a BBQ. the bishop gave us a ride home which was quite the adventure. first, we ran out of gas, then later when we got going again, he blew a piston or something. there was a super super loud popping noise and it smelled like fireworks. the bishop started laughing really hard because it scared us all so bad. i love that guy :)

saturday-we woke up early to go to a house of a recent convert who needed some service done. we helped him with cementing his walls! everything is brick here, so if you want to paint your walls, you have to cover them with a layer of cement first. it was really fun and an interesting learning experience!

i hope this next week will be great! maybe it will be my last week here because transfers are coming up! we shall see what happens!

come amor,
Elder Lambert


the first was of us working on the house, the second was of my perscription of tonic water and some powerade, and this one is of me throwing the cement on the wall (notice elder morris trying to get the cement out of his eyes.)

and! here is some more funny things i have learned here on my mission! i cant remember where i left off, so there might be a repeat
  • talking to your family through skype is the fastest 40 minutes ever!
  • short sleeve shirts actually start to look good after they are all youve seen for a while and you learn how to iron them in 30 seconds or less
  • when you say you are from the US, people ask you how many celebrities you know and if you are friends with Justin Beiber
  • breast feeding your baby out in public is totally normal
  • you may/may not be let into people homes depending on which soccer team you like
  • everyone wants you to take them to the US
  • its safer to walk in the dangerous streets than on the sidewalks.
  • killing bugs with your barehands is kinda fun (and seeing how many you can kill with one slap)
and an addition to sunday that i forgot! the baptism that fell through broke our streak. we had 5 weeks in a row of baptizing but the kid never showed up. but i am still oh so happy about my work and am counting all my blessing every day!

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