Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 21

happy fathers day dad! i dont think this holiday exists here because i had no idea until i read the email. it sounds like you did a lot of really fun things and its good you could see your parents! thats a luxury i dont have now. sounds like you worked hard in the yard and on the golf course, its good to have a balanced life :) thanks for the update on the basketball! i hope the thunder take the title, is ray allen playing well? now for my week....

monday-i woke up and had mini wheat crumbs for breakfast thanks to my wondrous sister Mel! then... we found out about transfers! i already talked about this. but i received a call that i will be transferred to sobral and train a brand new missionary! i heard that we will open our area, but i had no idea who i would be receiving. i was really scared but excited to train with only 11 weeks in the mission. president dias said to the zone leaders that this was the first transfer he's done this fast and feeling completely calm with the trainers he selected. that gave me a lot of comfort. we found out earlier this time, so i had time at the end of p-day to say goodbye to some of my buddies. it was really hard saying goodbye to valbert, and fernando, edilberto, kleyson, and lots of people. its weird to think that i will never see them or walk my area again... to celebrate, i bought a guaraná jesus because they only have it in maranhão. maybe it will be my last!

me and edilberto

me and valbert

tuesday-i finished packing all  my stuff which was very difficult. it is impossible to fit everything... i had to say goodbye to elder iverson which was actually really hard. he's been like my dad pretty much and he left for teresina. it was cool because first i got to travel to teresina to recieve some training by the president then meet our new companions. elder rais is training again so i got to go with him! it was cool sticking together. i couldn't really sleep on the 9 hour bus ride, but it was nice to relax and think :) we arrived at the staff house in teresina for the night, and elder rindlisbacher was there! he was my companion in the CTM, he will train and be a district leader! it was so cool to see him there and that we are both trainers. he also had to change his missionary name to his middle name because none of the brasileiros could say it :) 

wednesday- we headed to the church to recieve training and meet our new companions! the training was great by the president, then the new kids walked in. i recieved my companion and we reieved some more training and had lunch there. it made me think alot about my first day, time has gone by so stinkin fast. he is really motivated to work which is really good. i had to say goodbye to my ´dad´ elder rais and we went back to the staff house to wait until we needed to go to the bus station. we went with 2 other companionships going to sobral and we will live with one of them.

thursday- we arrived at 3 in the morning, then woke up at 6:30 to work! it was a tough day because i was in charge of everything, but we had a good day which made me feel good. its weird calling all the shots now and doing all the contacts and starting stuff. i have learned SO much. we contacted a ton of names that i found in the area book for people who have gone to church once, but only one has hope. i taught alot of lessons in the street with random people which was way fun! they would sit outside their house and i would talk for a bit and ask if we could teach a lesson. we would sit right on the curb and do prayers and everything! we need to meet lots of people and this is a good way. one of the ward missionaries helped us find some members where we had lunch. we dont have addresses for any of the members :/ dad would be proud of me, I'm an expert map user :) i always have this gigantic map in my hands and walk around with it.  

me with tássia´s baby

 sunset in some place during the bus ride to teresina

friday-  we contacted some more people i found in the area book and made alot of street contacts. its sooo hot too!!!! i miss the rain, BUT! i found one place where i could see a mountain! i havent seen a mountain in almost 5 months! it was so cool! it was kinda green and really small :) we contacted a member reference and it was really good! the woman responded well and asked lots of good questions that we answered. she said she would go to church and she seems pretty promising!! 

saturday- pretty much the same thing again! did all of our studies and worked throughout the day. the cool part was at night. we were walking down the street our house is on because i wanted to contact someone who lived there and a handicapped man called us over. he was so funny and super nice and we talked to him for a while. his gradmother and younger brother live there and we talked to them. they were fascinated about our work as missionaries and respect us alot. it was really cool and they were so happy that we stopped to sit and talk. i shared a message about going to church and invited them to come. the grandma has too many health problems, the man said this sunday wouldnt work, but the boy said that he wanted to. we told him we would stop by in the morning to bring him. we returned to our house to finish the day and our doorbell rang. i went to the door, and it was the 10 year old kid with another kid (13) and another (19) and he had invited them to church and they wanted to come! it was so cool. 

sunday- we stopped by the kids house to bring them to church and all three came with us! church was really good and an inactive family that we taught showed up too! our ward is so great. they all want to help us which i am really excited about. it makes things so much easier. later in the day we had a leadership meeting at the church with the bishop and other leaders. they are soo cool! the whole thing was about missionary work and they are organizing a ward fast to help us find the people in a certain neighborhood who are ready to accept our message. this neighborhood is super far away so the sister missionaries never went there, but we will go there and work really hard for an entire day every once in a while. there are no members there, so the bishop wants to get some members over there. i also discovered during the meeting that the leaders all looked like someone in a movie. the bishop looks mr. incredible's short boss at the beginning of the movie, the ward mission leader looks like uncle dursly in harry potter, one guy looks like will smith, another guy looked like the tiger scout in Sydney White. i really like our ward, they are super great. later at night we went to teach caio (the kid with tens years of age) and he LOVED church, we taught him about baptism and he accepted to be baptized this next sunday! it was so cool! this ward hasnt had a baptism in 4 months. I'm so excited to work here.

so every thing is great with me! i hope everything is great with you also! keep me updated on life! 

my district and the guys living in my house

me and elder albuquerqeu (looks like dakota jones)

me with some kids saying goodbye in são luís
my last guaraná with elder rais
com amor
-Elder Lambert  

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