Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 18

hello friends and family!!

Area: São Luís   Companion: Elder Rais

This week was another bitter-sweet week and hopefully i can fit all the good stuff in! sadly, i broke two of my goals that i set for my mission (you will read about them in the sunday summary). just a tad about my week first, the new house is working out great and i love love love it! it really feels like a home because it has painted walls and is way more like a home :) 
this week i would also like to do something special! if there is anything you want to hear more about (investigators, area, companion, etc) or if you have any specific questions for me, send them in an email to my dearest mother and father ( and they will forward them to me! i want to make sure i keep yall happy and interested.
Also my dearest mother, i thought of some good things for future packages. i would love love love some pepper. they dont have ANY here and i have been dying for some pepper (especially a pepper grinder) and also some rechargable batteries with the charger. and (sorry the list is long) a little cd player (i think i have one in my room) with the efy cds. i forgot to put those on my ipod and i am regretting it very much. send with the rechargable batteries, i can just use those for the player! if its a pain though, dont worry about it. and i will try to send home the flashcards for nat in the middle of this week.

monday-this day not much happened other than the move we did earlier in the day.

tuesday-i did a division with our zone leader (elder Theissen) who is also from washington! i love him alot and we get along really well. it was in our area, so i had the role of being the senior companion again! we had a great day, and we got someone to commit to baptism this next suday! so fernando (recent convert) has two younger sisters (one who shows lots of interest and already has a date, and one that doesnt) and after talking alot to the youngest sister about the importance of baptism with the proper authority, she wants to be baptized! it was so cool because everything finally clicked in her mind and she said yes! also, an interesting thing happened today. we were making contacts in the street in the neighborhood and while i was talking to a guy in the street, three girls were walking past us all giggling and such and one slapped my butt. it was kinda awkward and me and elder thiessen were trying really hard not to laugh because the guys who we were talking to had no idea what was going on. some of the girls here are a little crazy. luckily i have never seen those girls again!

wednesday- we taught Raylson´s mom about baptism today and she wants to be baptized, but she wont get married. she says that she doesnt want to get married because it makes separating more difficult. its so sad that everyone here anticipates separation! i think that anticipating it makes it happen. we also met a guy in the streets who is addicted to smoking and drinking and he asked us to help him. we talked to him about how through baptism he can be washed clean of his sins and he really wanted that. we also challenged him to not drink or smoke until we taught him again on saturday. on the way home, i noticed myself singing `who are you´  by The Who and it made me think of dad alot. it reminded my of his air guitar solos and windmills in the family room while listening to their music :)

thursday-today was just kind of a normal day today! just another great day of serving the Lord :)

friday- this day i hit four months in the mish! its SOO crazy that i already am 1/6 of the way through. its passing way too fast! probably the best part though of this 1/6 mark is that i got to open a new toothbrush! i noticed that i had six, so i can use a new one every 4 months! also another great part of my day was when a super drunk woman stopped elder rais and asked him about our church. we introduced ourselves and when he shook her had, she wouldnt let go and started to kiss his hand - it was super funny and i started laughing really hard. i dont think she was very interested in our church...
saturday-we contacted a member reference, and i think they are golden! they are a family with a mother and father (MARRIED!!!!) and a son. we taught the plan of salvation and they really loved it and accepted dates to be baptized on the 17th! it would be soooo cool to baptize a family :) also we bumped into the daughter of a woman we are teaching and she is a super snake (a girl who chases missionaries). she was sad when we told her that we couldnt teach her without her mother there and as i walked away she said ``você é lindo´´ which means, you are beautiful, so that was an interesting part of my day! also i started to feel really sick right before bed and ended up throwing up in the toilet. i discovered that it is really gross to throw up beans, rice, noodles, ground beef, bananas, and coke.

sunday-so this day will take a while to talk about... i can also tell you guys about it because i am practically all better now! so i ended up throwing up 12 times during the night, so i didnt really get much sleep. we called the mission presidents wife (sister dias) because she is the nurse of us all. she said that i should go to the hospital. i was really bummed because me and elder rais had alot of investigators we were going to bring to church this week, but i couldnt really walk anywhere. elder rais stayed with elder morris and elder iverson took me to the hospital. everyone was looking at me funny because i looked dead, and i was walking around with a bunch of plastic bags in case i needed to throw up again. the hospital was an interesting experience! first i had to take a pee test, then broke the lid trying to put it back on, so that was kid of gross, then i got hooked up to a bunch of IV´s! first they gave me something to make me not throw up, which was ironic because i threw up shortly after! good thing i had my bags :) next, the people said the medicine would hurt alot and there was others in the room who were taking the same stuff so i wasnt really sure what i was gettting myself into because some of the people in the room were screaming and crying. so they stuck me and told me to prepare myself and i was oh so prepared... it was wierd because i didnt feel a thing! i just curled up in my chair and went to sleep while i was filled with three bags of something. after i was done, elder iverson and i went straight to the church which was kind of awkward because church was just getting out and i was in basketball shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals, but elder iverson got back in time for his baptisms. this night we had two baptisms; sinara and silmara, fernando´s sisters. it was oh so great and it made my sufferiing worth it :) we returned home and i went right to bed! so the two goals that i broke for my mission where to never go to the hospital, and never miss a day of work.

monday- it was nice to relax today, i feel better and we just relaxed, bought groceries and now I'm sending this! we will see how the work is tonight! 

i love you all and wish you all the best! i know this church is true, and serving this mission has been the best thing ever for me! i know every part of me has grown (spiritually, mentally, and all kinds of -ally´s). I'm so excited for all my buddies who have, are, and will serve missions!!

com amor,
-Elder Lambert!

 so here are two more attachments of pictures of our house! its actually really nice! notice how there are bars over all the doors and windows :) people will do anything to break into the homes of americans. also there was one in the other email of sinara and silmara´s baptism! 

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