Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 14

olá friends and family!!
area: São Luís    companion: Elder Rais

This was a very interesting week filled with good and bad news. i still have not figured out anything for the mother's day phone call, but i will continue trying. i hope everyone is still doing well and it was great recieving emails from friends and family :) some good news is that our water came back on kind of this week! we all could take showers with the water that dripped from the shower head. it wasnt strong, but it was water! 

tuesday-i taught the class at district meeting and it was pretty good i thought. it was about our purpose on earth. i definitely need to work on my portuguese, but it is coming along! me and elder rais did a fast for one of our investigators (Tássia) because her boyfriend was refusing to leave the house. if he wouldnt leave, she couldnt be baptized... we found out from the mother of Augusto that he has some problems in his life right now, so we are trying really hard to teach him and help him out. also, valbert went to seminary! we talked to him the next day and he loved it!

wednesday-OFFICIALLY 3 MONTHS IN THE MISSION! its soooo weird to think that i am already 1/8 into my mission. its going by so fast! we taught 7 lessons which was good and we had a cool experience with valbert. a requirement for baptism is to partake of the sacrament 2 times and he went this last sunday, so elder rais and i were thinking that we could get him to church again and baptize him after. we were planning to challenge him to be baptized that next sunday, and when we walked in, his mom told us that he really wants to be baptized! it was sooo cool and he loves us so much. he is the coolest guy ever. the bad news for today was while teaching edilberto, we discovered he is not married... he was super ready to be baptized on saturday but he told us he wasnt officially married... our very first visit with him 4 weeks ago he said he was married. so he wont be able to be baptized for at least a month now. it takes a while to get a marriage license :( we will see what happens with him. 

thursday-today we had divisions and i was with elder barros. i love him soooo much. he's super funny and we get along so well. we sang all day while we were walking around. he is in some of the pictures i am attaching

friday- we made pancakes and used the syrup!!! it was SOOOO good! everyone loved it. i never knew i would miss syrup until i didnt have it, but that was a perfect thing to send me :) thanks sooo much! me and elder barros made everything for the people in our little house. it was a very good morning :) today while teaching tássia she told us about all these hard decisions shes been making with her tough situation and she will be able to be baptized! this night elder rais was pretty sick so we returned a bit early to clean and so he could rest.

saturday-today was a longggg day of walking. we had to walk an hour to the bishops house for lunch, an hour to the church afterwards to fill up the baptismal font with water, an hour and a half to our area (which we only had an hour to work in) then an hour and a half back to the church for the baptism and then 30 minutes back to our house at night. it was crazy! in the hour that we had in our area we were able to get tássia ready for baptism and run to every investigators house and tell them that we would pick them up for church. it was exhausting, but the day ended perfectly with a baptism. it was so so great and tássia was talking about how good she felt afterwards. she has really changed her life around and i am so so happy for her. 

sunday-this was a crazy day too. in the morning we went to get our investigators for church. we got valbert and rauson and they said they would wait while we got others. we got the others and came back and valbert and rauson were gone! the sister of rauson said that they already left for the church. that was kinda wierd, so we went to church and they werent there! it was so sad because valbert needed to go so he could be baptized that day... we figured out later that night that they tried to find us and didnt wait and we ended up going to church without them :( it was way sad, but valbert will be baptized next sunday. augusto also was so excited to go to church with us, but when we went to his house in the morning, he said that he got called in to work that morning. i was super bummed, but when we talked to his mother later that night because she saw us and called us over, she said that he left with his friends in the morning to go drink. we were pretty sad because he lied to us, but we are going to try super hard to fix his problems.

monday-today was sooo good again! we played sooccer at the church again with a bunch of brazilians and some missionaries and it was awesome. i scored four goals this time! i think that i have a picture of this too. i will go get my haircut, and later tonight i will find out who is getting transfered! i kinda want to stay because we started this area from nothing and we have some people to baptize! but, i will go where the lord wants me to go :) 

i want to start including something i have learned from being in brazil every week. here are some of the things so far: 
the biggest stereo speakers in the US are babies here - they are WAY bigger here
you have to put your TP in a bag because it clogs the pipes
water is never a promise
girls like to follow american boys
if you are american, everyone will ask you what time it is so they can hear you speak, even when they have watches
you drink more coca-cola than water
to find all the bugs in the house, leave a crumb on the floor for 2 minutes
all the locks you have to put the keys in upside down. weird.

the pictures that i have are us at soccer, tássia´s baptism, me, elder rais, elder iverson, and elder barros, and elder barros making pancakes!

i love you all and hope everything continues to go well!

-Elder Lambert

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