Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 15

olá from....... SÃO LUÍS STILL!!!!

Area: sao luis,       companion: elder Rais

So to begin, i survived the transfer, so i am still here and still with my companion, but one of the guys left (elder rudolphi) and we recieved another american (elder morris). this week has been kind of crazy as you are about to hear, and regarding mothers day, i will try to skype i think saturday night at 7 here, which is 12 in hawaii or whatever? i hope that works out because thats what i am doing! 

monday-so today we had transfers, which i mentioned about above. i was willing to go anywhere, but i wanted to stay just because we have alot of people close to baptism. we recieved elder morris who has 8 months in the mission. sadly one of our ZL´s left, elder barros :( hopefully i will see him again some other place. later me and elder rais set a baptismal date for the niece of Edilberto. she had already gone to church twice with him, but was never really interested in talking with us. she is 12 years old and we decided to ask her if she wanted to be baptized and she said that she would like to! we taught her some more and set a date for her for saturday.

tuesday-we set a date with a kid named fernando who both me and elder rais really really like. he is really quiet, but he loves talking with us and recieving our lessons. he went to church with us the last sunday and we set a date for the 12th. it was cool because we had a baptismal date with his friend, but his friend doesnt want to be baptized anymore. fernando told us all this and said that he still wants to! the church had an awesome BBQ activity with soccer at it that we were able to get three investigators to. it was so awesome :) 

wednesday-we taught 8 lessons today which was great, but we ran into snakes (a term in the mission for girls who flirt with missionaries) and its kind of annoying. they are 11 and 13 and started trying to talk to us and follow us around. hopefully they will never find us again - and IT RAINED! it went 5 days without raining and was getting really hot, and we wre running out of our rain water to do everything with. i forgot to mention, but our water disappeared again... 

thursday-we recommited a boy named raylson to baptism because he didnt go to church enough times to get his date. we reset it for the 12th. we were also teaching a new kid named douglas and the lesson was going great until his grandpa came in. he started yelling at us and telling us that he wanted us to leave that second. he said that he doesnt want us in his house and only the presence of god...

friday-this morning we went house searching because we have been without water for a long time and we cant wash anything, including ourselves, and we cant make food. we searched for a very long time and couldnt find anything. we taught fernando again and he invited his friends to hear us and his sisters. it was so cool because we got some references and they were all participating and we were making them laugh and everything. it was really great :) also fernando said the closing prayer and thanked god that we could come bring the truth to him and he asked in his prayer for the grandpa of douglas to realize that we bring the words of god into his house. it was so cool! also, a miracle happened. me and elder rais found a house before coming home and so did elder iverson and morris! now we have two options!

saturday-we went proselyting in a new neighborhood today that we found and its a really good one! we taught some lessons and got some contacts. again, kids keep inviting their friends to lessons so we get alot of contacts. also, what makes me really happy is that when we are walking in the streets, all the kids love talking with us and joking and walking around with us. its really cool because we are getting to know so many people and they are all really starting to love us. its the coolest thing ever

sunday-probably one of the craziest morning of my life. we walked to our area to bring kids to church with us and ended up getting 9 kids! it was so great, but it was so hard to keep them all together getting to the church and not running off or getting lost. we walked into the chapel with a flock of children and it was super awesome. we ended up getting 13 investigators to church this day! we also had the baptism of valbert this day! it was soooo awesome and he was super happy before and after. it was a great experience. the owners of our house complex emptied the bucket that catches rain water so now we have absolutely no water. it kinda stinks... i ate dry ramen for dinner.
its cool though because everyone in our zone and district who we have talked to have said that they would have gone home if they were me. they wouldnt have been able to deal with this in their first area, but i love it :) it really stinks, buts its so much fun at the same time! this is the kind of mission i wanted to serve.

i think we will be able to move into a house next monday. hopefully we will live until then! im reallly excited to be able to call home this saturday!! again i hope that everyone is doing well! the pictures that i attached should be of us playing soccer and the baptism of valbert

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