Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 16: the lost email

olá friends and family once again from the beautiful brasil!

Area: São Luís     Companion: Elder Rais

this was another great week in the mish (i think i say that every week). so many wonderful events and miracles happened!

monday-we just kinda lounged around for pday and it was way nice just to relax and play some games. later when we went out to work, we did splits and i went with elder morris. it was really fun/scary because i was playing the role of the senior companion and planning everything, and i basically taught all the lessons! it really showed how much my portuguese has been improving without me realizing it. we thought that we would be able to move today, but it will be next monday.

tuesday- we woke up at three AM to take my companion and elder iverson to the bus station because they needed to travel to Teresina for a leadership training. all the leaders and seniors went so it was all the juniors left to run the town :) we ended up working in a threesome for two days because there was a single left in an area close to mine so he worked with us. this day we spent half the time in my area, and half the time in elder morris´ area. again i was kinda like the senior companion and it was way fun. while walking to elder morris´area, a huge truck went really fast past us and hit a pothole and sprayed horse poop all over my pánts, bag, and shirt. it was super super super gross and i smelled horrible, but it was really funny :) everyone i passed on the way to the house looked at me really funny and would laugh. we finished the day working in elder M´s area. 

wednesday- this morning we traveled to the other elders area that was with us. his area is HUGE and we had to take buses everywhere and walk a ton. i came back home a poor man... in a whole days work, we only taught 3 lessons in 8 hours...

thursday-elder rais and iverson returned and we traveled back to our house. we talked about baptism with alot of people and sunday looked promising to have lots of success. Valbert (recent convert) is so cool. i love him SO much! he helps us a ton and he gave me a ring to remember him by :) i also bought this awesome hamburger with meat, bread, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, eggs, cheese, cucumbers, and ham. it was sooo good until about 30 minutes later when i had to spend the night in the bathroom. im still thinking it was a worthy sacrifice though. 

friday- me and elder rais changed our companion study plan and starting this day with me teaching entire lessons to him. i taught the restauration (i cant spell that in english any more, im used to restauração). it was good and i think it will help alot to pratice this way. Raylson is having second thoughts about his baptism and im not sure if it will work out this sunday. i know there is something thats bothering him, or something that somebody said to him, but he wont tell us... also, i woke up early this morning and cleaned the sink and all the dishes for everyone :) because we havent had water for forever, everything was about 2 weeks old in there and the drain had clogged so just nasty water was sitting in it. it was supér gross, but it looks so good now.

saturday-TODAY WAS PERFECT! i woke up and went out to a pay phone close by and did a surprise call to my parents to set up a time to skype later this night for mothers day. it was midnight in their time and dad answered the phone all tired and i asked if it was david wilcox lambert, and he said yessss. i told him i was making the call from brasil and then he realized who it was :) later he said he thought it was a telemarketer and almost hung up haha. it was so cool hearing your voice again! i got to skype them! whooooo. everything was perfect perfect perfect, except i couldnt see them... but it was still perfect! i talked all about my mission and area and experiences and everything! it was so fun hearing all their voices and at least they could see me! at the end i started sharing my testimony of this church and how i know its true and how great this mission has been for me and i started crying. I'm such a softy :) ahhh i love this church and my family SO much! it was kinda sad because everyone was talking about how they talked for an hour or more, but i just did for the 40 minutes (we spent about 15 minutes with technical difficulties). i wanted to talk more, but it was the rules! my wife will be super pretty because i kept the hardest rule in the mission - so if there is a girl out there who just got alot prettier just a few days ago, thank me when we get married :)
the only bad thing is that we found out kids have started spreading a bunch of lies about our church to all the kids and friends and so some people are getting scared out of baptism. its so frustrating to try to clear up all the things about demons and witches and garbage. 

sunday- was another perfect day FULL of miracles! mothers day killed all of our investigators going to church, so we only had 1 show up. after church i had the best meal of my life i think. it was perfect! (dave you would be jealous). we had lasagna, pasta, alfredo pasta, torta (meat pie), chicken, beans, rice, steak, and 7 liters of soda :) i just mixed everything together and ate until i was dead and drank until i was deader and then she made united states cake! then i was the deadest... it was PERFECT! we then had to walk really fast to our area because we were running late and there was a possibility of a baptism. we found fernando and he said he wants to be baptized! and better yet, he chose ME to baptize him! this will be my fourth, but my first with me doing the baptism! we told him to be at the church at 7. we then had to go to someones house who was far away for elder rais to call his family because he couldnt do it the day before because his family was traveling. we hurried over there and he talked and loved it. it was so cool to see how happy he was! after he finished we had only an hour to get to our house, for me to get all my stuff, and for us to get to the chapel. we ran from our area to our house and we quickly got everything ready and then we quickly ran to the chapel. there was a ton of other stuff that happened, but i dont have time to type it. we got to the chapel at 6:55 and waited for him to arrive. we waited until 8:50 and decided we needed to do something. we had been praying this whole time for a miracle. we called a neighbor to check on him and she said that his grandma wouldnt let him go alone and so he hadnt been able to leave. luckily our buddy in the ward showed up on his motorcycle and we told him the story and he went and picked him up! we started the baptism at about 9:30 and it was perfect :) it was such a cool experience baptising him and he loved it. he was crying after it and said that he felt so good :) he is 14 and has already made some friends in the church through soccer. the Lord is definitely with us in this work.

monday-today i woke up and washed all my clothes by hand, cleaned the bathroom, and the sink! i felt so productive and i shined elder iverson's shoes because they were dirty and he doesnt have a shining kit. i am trying to serve as much as i can because i know i will recieve alot of blessings as i serve and work. we made pancakes with syrup which was super good! gahh i love it. i found a tiny store in our area that has a hammock so i bought one! i found a really cool one for a good price! i will start sleeping in it now :) 

I sent some big pictures again, so hopefully they will come through! one the baptism, and my area
this week was super great and i know this church is true! 

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