Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 86

hello my dearest family!!!

so the pictures are taking a really long time to upload. i hope i will be able to send something! im glad that you all got home safe from your travels! i got super jealous looking at the píctures, but it didnt take me long to remember that i am in the best place in the world. i honestly would not trade where i am and what i am doing right now for anything in the world. so that was good news also that the seahawks destroyed the 49's (sorry grandpa), im happy to hear they are doing well. so just to answer the random questions: when i go home i will go from teresina. on the last day we have dinner with the president before leaving. i think i will go from teresina to brasilia, then to são paulo, then to texas, then to seattle! i was doing some calculations and i might not get home till the 1st... i really hopé not, i would love to pass new years at home. it depends on if my plane leaves on the 30th or the 31st. so i am weighing 61 kilos right now which is about 135 pounds... lets just say that i have lost alot of weight... i will have to hit the gym when i get home. i dont know the exact percentage of brasilians to americans in the mission right now, but i do know that it is SUPER hard to get visas now. there arent any americans who have come in the last two transfers. we are getting more people from peru and argentina and places like that. everyone is trapped in the US still. so during the trip i was able to get my packages. i got two that were both for my birthday. i was super excited to open a package because it has been a while since i have gotten one, but then i saw that i have to wait until my b-day :( you're killing me mom! :) 

so the coolest thing this week was for sure our baptism. We baptized jose roberto's sons. 

sunday was a great day also because we had both the boys confirmations and leandro (our recent convert) received the priesthood! we didnt have alot of investigators at church, but i am still more than happy with the things that did happen. we did however have two people at church who are showing alot of interest. one is a friend of leandro (joáo pedro) and the other is a friend of lizete (adriana). we will see what will happen with them in the next couple weeks. another awesome thing was that the gospel principles class was about eternal families. i made so many comments about how the family should be because i have such an awesome example! i was talking about how you guys always go on dates even though you have been married for a long time, that you guys always showed interest in my life, and that you always say cool things about one another! it was cool because someone told me that i have a good vision of the family and would be a great husband and father and i was happy to say that i was just talking about what i see in my parents! all this was confirmed today when i received dad's email saying that mom is the love of his life. you guys are awesome :) it was fun after church because we went to lizete's house to read the book of mormon with her family and she has a HUGE mango tree, so me and emily climbed up top to get some mangos!

so the trip to the zone conference was a little rough this week... usually we leave at 3 in the morning which is already rough enough, but monday night we got home at 10 and found out that we would leave at 11:30. we had to hurry and take showers to give us time to walk to the bus station which is like 30 minutes away. we didnt get to eat dinner :( so we got there at 11:30 only to discover that our bus was super late and would arrive at 2:30. so we waited 3 hours at the bus station dying of tiredness.. so we got there and had to wait until lunch to eat, but we made it. then, usually our bus leaves there at 7 at night to get back here at midnight, but they only could get our tickets for 10:40... so we had to wait in the bus station for another 5 hours to find out that our bus was late and would get there at 12:30... we ended up getting home at 5 in the morning. lets just say it was a rough trip - BUT i love my mission and it is so great! its experiences like this that give us fun stories to tell afterwards :)

so we will keep working really hard here in araguaína. i have really loved my time here and feel like this is where i have done my best work. i have been able to baptize alot, and everybody is active! i love you all so much and you are all such great examples to me! thanks for being such an awesome family :)

i love you!

-Elder lambert

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