Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 73

so family
area: araguaína
companion: elder bisognin

so i realized that i had kind of failed on describing my area here... so this is the area that is most like home to me. still everything is different, but alot more the same. there are traffic laws here which is nice and the feeling in the streets is better. here its super safe and the people actually use normal clothes. normally the guys walk around in swimsuits without shirts. 

me and elder johnson matching 
photo:the 3 year old bed sheet i finally gave up :'( i burned it!

our watermelon!

so our week had some ups and downs....

one of the downs was that my comp got pretty sick one day. we did a fast one day to have more people go to church and we had to walk alot that day. the next morning he woke up throwing up. we went to the hospital so that he could take an IV. we were there for 7 hours.... public health is an awesome idea. so funny story though, i had to use the bathroom there while we were waiting. i went into the stall and there was no toilet paper! i opened the stall door and walked over to the sinks with my pants down to grab some paper towels... luckily nobody was in there :) i love brasil! 

another cool thing that happened on friday night was that we participated in the young womens activity! we gave the message and participated in the games. i really love helping out the branch and participating in all the things. im super excited because i planned an activity for this week! we will have a dessert night at the church. it will be sweet! i learned a new dessert that i will make :)

one cool thing is that this week was awesome! we were able to teach alot of lessons and find some good, new families. we had been teaching a girl and gave her the book of mormon to read a bit. when we went back she had already read half of it and said that she prayed and got an answer! she also wants to be baptized. she has been sick for the last two weeks so she hasn't been able to go to church :( it was cool because the other day we got to meet her parents! the girl had talked to her parents about the answer she received and the parents were super excited about it. we will teach the whole family during the week. 

our last pday lunch with elder de los santos.

we also have another cool progressing investigator named f******  he is really liking our visits and we will try to mark a baptismal date with him during the week. we were really excited because he invited us to have lunch at his house and have a BBQ! but... that was the day my comp was sick. i will keep you updated on his progress!

well, i love you guys super alot and wish you a great week!
-Elder lambert

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