Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 33

hello my dearest family/friends!

so the news about the transfer! we discovered monday night. i will stay here and also i will stay with elder albuquerque! we already stayed 3 months together, but i guess the president wants more. he also finished his 12 weeks of training so he is a normal missionary now and i was called as the DISTRICT LEADER! i'm pretty excited because i get to do some pretty cool things now :) i get to interview people for baptism and also i will travel to Teresina tomorrow! i was super surprised when i found out :) we were also pretty proud at the end of the week because we were able to arrange a small dinner for ourselves every night in the houses of members/less actives/investigators :) 

monday-we had a very crucial lesson with charles he stopped progressing and we explained very clearly that he is denying the answer that he received about this church. we also explained that we have done everything that we can and now he has to do his part if he wants his life to change. he opened up and said that his parents are the problem and is showing lots of hope. we will plan a family night or something with his family. we also figured out that Rosángela stopped showing up for work at irmã alzira´s house and that she stole some things...

tuesday-i had my first district meeting as the district leader! it was fun conducting everything and giving the training. i taught about how to begin teaching and related it to when aaron was teaching king lamoni's father. the zone leaders really liked it :) i have a feeling that i will run out of ideas really fast though. elder bastos arrived to be companions with elder black, i really like him. we showed up at emanuel´s house and he said that he decided to stay with the JW´s, but we taught a lesson to him that he really liked and he asked us to come back saturday :) we did a family night with an active family in the house of a less active family. it was really fun.

wednesday-sadly, lots of plans fell through, but that's kinda normal. we taught a less active youth about the importance of the church for his future and he said he returned, and he did! we also planned a family night in alzira´s house friday.

thursday-we taught fellipe which was just so-so, but we met his mom who is super cool. we will start teaching her too. we passed by another less active family to help them with some problems.

friday-today was the independance day of brasil! i was a little disappointed because nothing exciting happened. not much goes on here in sobral :) lunch was super super good and i ate about 100 pounds of meat :) it was so delicious. at night we passed by alzira´s to do a family night that she really liked. when i got home, i read a book that my mom made for me last year. for a year she wrote down something good that i did that day for every single day! 364 things! i read all of it and i love it so much. its really funny becasue at the end it mentioned how in about another year id be on the mission, and here i am!

saturday-we had an awesome lesson with emanuel. he was shocked that we walked all the way from our house just to teach him. we watched the film of the restoration and he really liked it. it cleared up alot of questions that he had and he felt the spirit while watching. we set a baptism date with him for the 29th, 1 day before my birthday! after we left, he chased us down and tried to give us R$5 to take a taxi back to our house. we didnt accept, but he is super cool :) we visited some more less active people in our ward. pretty much all of brasil is baptized, but nobody is active...

sunday-we brought emanuel to church again and he loved it. he said that he was reading the book of mormon and feels that its true! his parents seperated and left the church when he was 7, so he doesnt remember anything, but we sang ´i am a child of god´ in the sacrament meeting and he got really excited because he remembered the song :)

monday-we cleaned the whole house agian which was great and i dont think we will do anything very exciting for the rest of the day... 

i love you all and i will keep you updated on my adventures! i hope you have a great week! :)
-Elder Lambert

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