Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 99

hello Family!
so i got my itinerary this week in my email! thats how you know its time to go home right... so this week was the week that i taught the most lessons in my whole mission! the presidente set new goals for us and we were able to get them. it looks like my district was the only district that did - the presidente really likes me :)
the old goals were to teach at least 28 lessons a week and we were able to get it every week these two transfers, but last week he came out with a new goal of 52 lessons. we ended the week with 54 which was by far the most i had ever taught. we were leaving the house at 9 almost everyday to start walking and teaching. it was a really gratifying experience and it makes me happy knowing that my work will not stop!

another cool thing was that we had a surprise opportunity to serve somebody! when we were coming home late one night, we saw that a woman was moving into our building. there were two men helping and there was a ton of stuff. we ran upstairs and changed clothes and went to help. it took quite a long time, but the lady was SUPER happy for our help! we made a contact with her and the other people that were helping and they are all being pretty receptive so far. sadly i busted up my hand though as you can see in the picture. it was well worth it though :)

random fact: we saw a cat skull also
so, the baptism worked out great! she was super happy about her baptism and the people who were there also loved it. her little brother went to church yesterday and wants to be baptized also. we will see if we can get him ready before i leave! she has already finished Reading 1st nephi and is loving everything in the church. probably next week she will get a calling. we will start to visit some of her friends also.

so this week we will travel to Parnaíba! part of me is excited to travel, but it will hurt our week a bunch, and we will also miss the christmas program here :( they will do a nativity.
tonight we will be going to a birthday party of a member and it sounds like there will be lots of pizza and soda :) im getting super excited for it!

there arent many updates for this week. next week i will send the times for christmas skyping. i need to figure out what will go on here exactly! probably will be in the afternoon for you guys and night here.
i love you all and wish y'all the best!
-Elder Lambert

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