Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 98

well Christmas is coming and the pigs are getting fat! here we dont see geese, but we do tend to see LOTS of pigs, donkeys, cows, and horses in the street...
on Monday Elder robb and i went christmas shopping for the other two missionaries. it was really funny buying the things. on christmas i will take pictures of their presentes because you will have to see them to understand exactly what it is. lets just say that i am a very clever person :)  another random event this week was that i ate quail eggs! that was kind of an interesting experience. i dont think i had ever seen a quail egg before. they are super small but very tastey. 
also, me and Elder robb made a flame thrower with the brasilian deodorant here. it doesnt even work for its purpose, so we made another purpose for it :)

so i went to Parnaíba during the week for a meeting there. it was super fun and we had some awesome adventures! it was fun seeing the people there agian. i thought it would be my last meeting, but i discovered that we will have a zone conference with presidente on the 23rd. that will be a cool last meeting for me. i got some more mission ties letters also. thanks mom! mom is my faithful letter writer, she endured to the end :)
when we got back from Parnaiba, i did divisions with the others and made it a contest to see which group could do the most work. the prize was that the losers would have to make a french toast breakfast for the other group. me and the new missionary ended up winning so we won breakfast :) it was really fun because i used it to excite the other companionship. they were a little upset so this worked out a lot.
also this week we saw tons of miracles! me and Elder robb were able to mark baptismal dates with two families and other people also! all the dates we have are for the last weekend of my misison. i hope that one of them works out! its my goal to baptize a complete family before leaving.
we will have one baptism this week of a woman named monike. she is a contact we did a while ago and she has progressed alot! she is all ready and her baptism will be saturday afternoon

this saturday that passed had the wedding and baptism of imrão josé and imrã do carmo. it was super cool and a great way to end the week. i have more pictures, but sadly they wont upload... it will be nice when i get home and i can show everything!

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