Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 100

i cant believe this is my last email!! its so crazy that this day has come! i didnt even realize that this would be my last until a couple days ago.... i hope everyone is preparing a party for me! two years passed by so fast for me, was it the same for yall?
me and Elder robb
 ''this man is the man!''

so to answer the questions. for food i want terriyaki, mongo grill, outback, sweet and sour chicken, spicy italian chicken, and some surprises. i have forgotten almost everything i used to eat at home. i have been brain washed here from rice beans and meat :) i honestly have no idea what i want for christmas. after being out of the loop for so long i dont know what things i like or will need. maybe ask brodie what things i would like :) i had an i-touch but i thought mom took it. i just remember the headphone jack was broken.
 funny story, so i ran out of Brazilian money here and i still had 60$ with me, but i needed to buy some stuff. my debit card was canceled right so i couldnt use that. i heard there is this gypsie guy here who trades money and i was able to trade with him :) we bargained for a long time, but the trade went alright. i can try using my credit card if the last of my money runs out.
i will wait to mail my knife until the christmas call, i want to ask dad a couple questions first before sending it.
i loved the picture with dad and his ugly sweater, i remember always wearing that to school and loving it :) im a little sad though that there isnt snow in the mountains for skiing yet, i was really looking forward to skiing with everyone. looks like dad will have to do a special trip to utah to ski at snowbird with me!
on tuesday we helped out our branch president in his class. he is an english teacher and also  has some students who will do foreign exchange to the US, Canada, and new zealand. we hung out with his class for a bit and helped excite them for the trip. it was super fun. we made goals to do service everyday for somebody. we showed up by surprise to a less actives little market and cleaned it for him. that was also super fun :)

 the kids who will go the US
  i solved the number puzzle

oh! and so for Skype, i will Skype from here 7 at night. i think it would be 2 in the afternooon there... maybe 3. just be ready! im super excited :) it will be a funny call.
so we were supposed to travel to ParnaĆ­ba on Friday, but the trip was canceled last minute. that meant we were able to go to the christmas devotional here though! it was cool, the choir was great and the nativity. i attached some pictures of that too.

a bummer is that the zone conference was changed to this week, but we still dont know the day. i wanted to plan a Family night for the branch before i leave, but i dont know what nights i will be here... i really hope i can say goodbye to everyone., i really love it here :)
because i dont know if i will still be here next sunday i gave a last talk here in the branch. it was a cool talk about all the things i have learned and how everyone needs to serve a mission! i cried a bit at the end. my mission has seriously been so awesome :)
so for christmas we will eat lunch with the branch presidents Family. he has a really big Family and we will all go to his parentes house for a BBQ :) it will be super cool and im super excited!


i dont know how i can sum up my mission in this last email. so many things have happened and i have grown in SO many ways. i am excited to get home and put in practice all this things. the major things that i learned is how to pray, the importance of the scriptures, how to work, how to plan, how to serve, how to love, that really the church is necessary in our lives and not just a good thing, and that the mission in a necessary step in our lives. my motto for the mission was Moroni 9:6 and im proud to say that i worked this way during my misison. i have really loved it and i thank you all for all your love and support and prayers! until next week!
-Elder Lambert

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