Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 63

hello family!

this week was filled with adventures which is always good :) apparently, this computer doesnt like to upload photos, so i have to do them one by one which is kind of a pain... 

we had a family night the last monday which was really fun and cool. we had a bunch of games and the message was about prophets and we invited everyone to watch conference with us! the people really liked the message, but sadly, just the members went. 

tuesday we had our first district meeting after the transfer, so i got to meet the new missionary that arrived! he is brand new in the field, so he is pretty shy. i liked talking with him and he seems like he is willing to work hard. tomorrow i will start to do divisions with them.

photo- my new district!

wednesday was an awesome day because we worked a bunch with the members! we contacted three references from the members and were able to teach two of those lessons with the members who gave the references. there are some people who we met that are really cool. im excited to see what will come of it! i hope one will end up in a baptism. 

on friday we had a zone meeting in teresina! it was cool to meet all the new people who came into the district. it was also cool because we recieved letters and packages! i recieved some MT letters and one from grandma lambert. also, the packages came! i loved all the things that were inside them. the pens were sent just in time because my favorite pen died a couple days ago. i also REALLY liked the tie from Grandpa john; i wore it to conference. i have been using that towel thing always when i am home. i have been sleeping with it too :) thanks for all the stuff!! i also recieved my quad in portuguese. its really cool because its hard cover and a cool material. i really like it :) 

photo- my quad that i bought! its super fancy and cool :)

photo- zone meeting

during the zone meeting they announced that the district leaders will have a meeting with elder Godoy! this meeting will happen on the 19th. he is part of the area presidency. it will be super awesome talking with him, but also kind of scary. it will be cool to get to know personally a general authority. elder mazzagardi already talked to us before, but it was a huge group. this time will be a first meeting just with the DL's and after a meeting with everybody. 

photo- a cool jeep at the car wash

so conference was awesome! i woke up and had a great american breakfast of apple jacks and frosted flakes :) it made me think about how everyone at home was eating coffee cake... sadly, i didnt get to watch in english because there were no other americans with me. i couldnt stay in another room by myself. it wasnt quite the same with the translators, they cant translate emotion which takes alot away from the talks. i was freaking out when it looked like jeffrey R holland was screaming with power in his talk but in portuguese it was monotone. i already saved it to a USB and will listen to it today :) the priesthood session didnt work here, so i also downloaded it too. i was able to get lots of notes written and everybody is super excited about the temple that will be built in rio de janeiro. 

i got a little sick the other day and am still a bit. i think i have a sun allergy because almost every day im a little sick. my nose is like running water and i sneeze a bunch. i will try to find a medicine that can help me. 

mirismar traveled, and we dont know when she will get back. she is helping her sister who is sick. she gave permission for her son (fabrício) to be baptized. he was interviewed friday and will be baptized this friday. when mirismar comes back, we will baptize her and her other son who is younger. i'll let you know how the baptism goes!

i love you all! after all is said and done, this week was a great one ;)
-Elder lambert

 i gave my buddy the american flag tie because he speaks english well

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