Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 11: Sao Luis

Hello friends and family!
Area-São Luis    Companion-Elder Rais

So i am trying to upload pictures, but these computers here are super super bad, so i dont think i can upload many (or any, we shall see) This was yet another great week in the mission field! just some random happenings... we have been without water since last saturday or sunday i believe. going over a week has been kind of difficult needing to shower and wash clothes and such. every morning we have walked about 15 minutes to a lady´s house who is in our ward and we fill up buckets and carry them back for the day. this water is used mainly for showering and flushing the toilets :) More about my area: my area takes about 30 min.of walking to get to and from our house and it is some really nice houses at the beginning where nobody is outside so we dont have anyone to talk to, then goes into the ghetto style stuff. at night we have to be really careful of which streets we go down. the area is humongous and we do lots and lots and LOTS of walking everyday, but hey, its good for you :) lunches here have been pretty darn good so far! there have just been a couple where i have gone away a bit hungry because they didnt have much. but on the other hand, some have been absolutely amazing! the portuguese is tough. its still really hard for me to understand much of what people are saying. i can talk pretty well, but because i cant understand i cant respond to questions very well. i have been speaking a little more in lessons, but not too much. this week i will start talking more. the package that i got at the beginning has been soooo nice :) its fun to munch on some american candy while i study, so thanks so much! now about my week:

monday-monday was pretty good. the thing that set it apart was that we almost got robbed! i guess you can say that makes it pretty interesting :) a drunk guy came out of his house and told us to stop because he had a quick question. when he got closer he asked if we had any money and we said no because we are missionaries. we started to walk away and he started to follow us and was yelling asking if we were scared. it was kind of weird, but we got away :)

tuesday-i had my first district meeting! haha it wasnt anything too exciting,  but it was interesting. we just had some thoughts and talked about investigators and had some more training etc...

wednesday-me and elder rais had a cool spiritual experience this night. we had been teaching an investigator who has been progressing way fast. his name is ediberto (the one who went to conference). he was supposed to be out of town for a week and we were kind of bummed because we wanted to talk to him about baptism. we got the feeling that we should stop by his house anyways on our way home, so we did! it turned out he didnt leave because he was sick, but our cell phone doesnt work so there was no way that he could contact us about it. it was a way good lesson and he asked for two more books of mormon so he can tall some of his friends about it :) way cool huh? 

thursday-we challenged ediberto to baptism and he said yes! it was cool because i did the challenge. he wants to learn alot more so the earliest date we could set with him was april 11. hopefully as he gets an answer about our church he will want to get baptized a little sooner. 

friday-This was an amazing day because previously alot of our lessons had been falling through and such, but this day we taught three lessons with a member with us, 3 other lessons, and got 10 new investigators! this will help us alot because nobody has done work in our area before, so we started with 0 people when we got here... also we taught a woman named Tássia and it was such a spiritual lesson and we challenged her to baptism and she said yes! i know she knows that what we taught her is true. however, she is unmarried and living with someone so we taught her about the importance of marriage. she really wants to be married but her guy doesnt. she said she will talk with him about and we will check up with her to see how it went tomorrow! i hope he said yes! it takes exactly 30 days to do all the licensing things, so i hope we can get to work so she can be baptized soon.

saturday-very cool things happened this day. a woman named Mayara got married today! she was someone who the elders had been teaching for a while and the day finally came where she could get married. she was sooo excited and so were they. her baptism is set for the next day. she was living with a guy who used to be a member and he is reactivating too. it was so cool to see how big of an influence missionary work can be.

sunday-we had to leave super early today for church because mayara had her baptism at 7. the church is about a 30 minute walk from our house. im so happy for her because she came such a long way :) church was good but i got way tired because it was hot and i didnt understand anything, BUT we had 4 of our investigators come!! im super excited about that!

monday-today we woke up and cleaned the house and did some studying. our water has been back on for a bit! i hope it stays on... later we will take a bus to the city and go to all the cool stores and such :) 

i am doing great and having a blast and i know this church is true! i know i got some emails with questions, i cant remember them, so i will look at them again and send another email with answers. i hope everyone else is doing well!!  i attached 4 pictures, i hope they send! they are of my companion, the airplane, mayara and andersons wedding, and my awfully red/sunburned arm :)

here are my answers to the questions...

being closer to the ocean makes it a bit cooler because there is a breeze here. in central teresina its just dead and super hot. only my companion is brazilian. the other two are americans, so there is still lots of english in the house. he is 18 because only the US restricts boys to be 19 to serve misisons. anywhere else they can be 18. he said here alot of boys cant serve because they get drafted into the military, but he was lucky! i will buy some better food this week too :) it was great to hear from everyone and its too bad that there are some things people are struggling with! i will keep everyone in my prayers! i love you all!

Com amor!
Elder Lambert!

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